The Lady of the Two Moons

The Lady of the Two Moons is generally not one that is worshiped directly, usually she is only given respect. She is the sister and rival of the Lord of the Sun, and the tales of the gods are filled with wars between them. Because the Lord is the most commonly worshiped god, few want to follow his enemy, and for many years the numbers of her worshipers has dwindled down to the point where telling someone that you worship her would get a similar reaction to telling them you are part of a cult (Though not nearly the reaction as telling them you are part of The Brilliant Enigma cult).

Her domain is the night, she thrives for peace, even at the cost of war to achieve it.

It is widely known/believed that there were once two moons in the sky, but during a battle with her brother she lost one of her eyes, since then the second moon has never been seen again. This is believed to have happened many generations ago, and there are historical texts in some older libraries where a second moon is mentioned or shown in drawings.

The nation of Nearadia was the home of the last city dedicating to the worship of the Lady, however this city and the temple devoted to her were destroyed over a hundred years ago. Any from Nearadia would be aware of it’s existence, the legends of the ruins being haunted, and most would have seen or even explored the ruins at some point, either on a dare as a child (a popular game of Nearadian children) or as a young adventurer.

The Lady of the Two Moons

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